Key Groups : Toddlers

Daily Routine : Toddlers (2 year olds)

8.30 Opening time for extended day children, early staff arrive. Staff greeting children and setting up garden.
8.40-9.00 All children have breakfast in the toddler room in their wing. Staff setting up inside.
9.10 Breakfast finished, Children playing inside and out
9.30-9.40 Core day children arrive & late shift staff start, Children playing inside and out. Staff greeting families either in base room or garden near wing .
9.45-9.55 Key group time in base rooms.
10.00-11.45 Key group focus activities either inside or outside led by key persons.
10.30 Snack available.
11.00 Bathroom and changing.
11.30 Tidying up and preparing for lunch. Re setting garden for afternoon
11.45 Washing hands and storytime.
12.00 Lunch time.
12.45 Lunch finishes, settling to rest or sleep.
2.00 Children begin to wake up, bathroom and dressing. ‘What if’ play experiences inside & garden.
2.30 Snack time
2.40 Tidy up time.
3.00 Key group time.
3.15 Core day children start to leave.
3.25 Extended day children in the garden or inside
3.30 All core day children gone, Staff in review meeting, rotated staff with extended day children.
4.00 Early staff leave, children have tea together in wing.
4.45 Inside or in part of garden .Bathroom and changing.
5.15 Children inside and tidy up time. Parents are encouraged to come by 5.25pm to ensure they get feedback
5.30 Centre closed
Phone: 020 7520 0385
Fax: 020 7520 0386
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