Welcome to the Thomas Coram Centre


Thomas Coram Centre is the only maintained nursery school in Camden and we provide high quality early education. The school is led by an early years specialist head teacher and deputy head teacher. The curriculum is delivered by qualified teachers and early years educators. We have always been rated as outstanding by Ofsted.

“Play is the answer to the way anything new comes about” Jean Piaget

The nursery school is committed to the belief that learning starts at birth and we seek to promote the best outcomes for all children. The school’s aim is to provide high quality, fully integrated care and education and to work in partnership with parents and carers.

We believe that there is a role for carefully planned, adult-led experiences, which enable children to learn specific skills and knowledge. However, it is through play that children learn most effectively and where we gain a thorough understanding of each child’s development.

We offer places for children aged two years to five years and are open from 8.30am to 5.30pm, 46 weeks a year.

The campus where our nursery school is situated has been a special place for children since the middle of the eighteenth century when Captain Coram opened the Founding Hospital.

Our building has a large secluded garden and spacious, bright purpose-built classrooms.

The children come from all sections of the local community and reflect the cultural, religious and linguistic richness of the Kings Cross area. The school reserves up to twenty percent of the available places for children with Special Educational Needs or those deemed to be in need according to the Children’s Act criteria.

As a maintained nursery school, we are staffed by a multi-disciplinary team, including four qualified teachers and draws on a wide range of expertise.

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49 Mecklenburgh Square
London WC1N 2NY