The work of the Nursery School is supported by our governing body. This consists of representatives of all those who have an interest in the school, e.g. parents, staff, Coram, the local authority, health and other groups on campus. There are two sub committees: Teaching and Learning and Resources. Their remit is to cover specific areas such as children and curriculum, staff and training, finance and premises, and parents and community. Parent representatives  can be contacted through the school and welcome your thoughts, comments and offers of help. 

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Membership of our Governing Body

Parent governors

Nick Attwood Chair of Teaching and Learning Committee

Juliette Fisher

Perina Holness

Staff governors
Sarah Warren

Community governors

Emily Gee (Co-Chair + temporary Chair of Resources)

Lucy Razzall (Co- Chair)

Lisa Rawlings (Thomas Coram Centre)

Dr Carol Homden (Chief Executive, Coram)

Julie Tucker (KIDS, charity supporting disabled children and their families)- Responsible for SEND

Emma Sinclair- Chair of Resources Committee


Local authority governors
Sue Parry Davies (Liberal Democrat)- Responsible for Safeguarding


Associate  members

Jan Stillaway (Deputy head teacher)


Our  governors do not have any business or financial interests which may impact on their role nor are they governors at other schools unless stated.


09.11.2020 10/2/20 22/6/20
Perina Holness  Yes Yes Yes
Jan Stillaway  Yes Yes ———- ———–
Sue Parry-Davies  Yes Yes Yes
Lucy Razzall  Yes Yes Yes
Emily Gee  Yes Yes Yes
Sarah Warren Yes Yes Yes
Lisa Rawlings Yes Yes Yes
Nick Attwood Yes Yes Yes
Carol Homden Yes No Yes
Julie Tucker Yes Yes Yes
Juliette Graham Yes Yes Yes
Emma Sinclair Yes Yes Yes

Becoming a Governor

If your interested in becoming a governor for Thomas Coram, please contact the school office for more information.

Phone: 020 7520 0385
Fax: 020 7520 0386
49 Mecklenburgh Square
London WC1N 2NY