We have a large, well-qualified teaching staff of Early Years practitioners, many of whom have years of expertise and experience working with children at the school. All of them are passionate about the role a play-based education can contribute to a child’s learning and development.

Each wing of the school, ‘Toddlers’ (2-year-olds) and ‘Kinder’ (3- and 4-year-olds), is staffed by a team dedicated to that specific age group. Central to each child’s happiness is their ‘key person’, the adult primarily responsible for the well-being and learning of a small ‘key’ group of children who meet together at set times in the day.

Our provision is greatly enhanced by specialist staff. Children with ‘Special Educational Needs and Disabilities’ (SEND) are given every opportunity to thrive within the classroom wherever possible, with appropriate support from experienced staff. ‘Hands on’, specialist-led group music sessions contribute to a broad, balanced and rounded Early Years curriculum enjoyed by all.

Members of staff regularly reflect on and review their practice. All staff attend a programme of professional development on subjects such as safeguarding and SEND provision. To us, facilities and resources are important elements but fundamental to the children’s happiness is a school’s most essential asset: its staff.

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