Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

We warmly welcome children with ‘Special Educational Needs and Disabilities’ (SEND), both those with an existing diagnosis and those with emerging needs. With early intervention and appropriate support, we strive to ensure that all the children in our care flourish at nursery, as well as at home.

Our staff have extensive experience of providing for children with SEND and are able to provide for children with a wide range of needs, from mild learning difficulties to more complex conditions such as ADHD and autism. All staff are trained to support all our children as they learn through play.

Specific support is given to children with SEND through an ‘Individual Educational Plan’ (IEP) which lists interventions and targets to be reviewed on an ongoing basis. If learning and development continues to be a concern, we have access, as a maintained school, to a range of external support services.

Key to our approach is a belief that children with additional needs also have unique strengths and make substantial contributions to nursery life. Wherever possible, children with SEND are given support within the nursery environment, and fully included in all aspects of school life.

Our deputy head teacher was published recently in Nursery World with an article discussing how a setting can improve its curriculum for children with SEND. A copy of the article can be found here.

To view ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ about our SEND provision, click here.

To view further information from the DfE regarding SEND , click here.

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