Attendance & Punctuality

Staff carefully plan activities which are based around each child’s interests and development. The day starts with a social time at 9.30am so please arrive at this time to enable you and your child to share any news. If you arrive after this time it is more difficult for your child to settle and can interrupt an activity already started . If you arrive after 9.40am you will be asked to wait in reception or the parent’s room to avoid disrupting the other children’s key group time.


If you have a medical appointment or an emergency please call the Centre and let us know. This will also ensure the kitchen knows your child will be in for lunch.
If you have not warned us and you arrive after 9.45am you will asked to take your child and return at 1pm for the afternoon session.

It is best to avoid collecting children between 3.00pm-3.15pm as this is their end of day key worker group time .If you are going to collect your child before 3.15pm please let your key worker know.

To enable staff to plan the next day activities it is vital you collect your child before 3.30pm.If you arrive after this time, your key worker will not be available to tell you about your child’s day. If you have an extended day place it is important you have collected your child by 5.25pm. Again if you arrive after this time, you will be unable to hear about your child’s day.

Phone: 020 7520 0385
Fax: 020 7520 0386
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