We are able to offer a varied menu of child-friendly, nutritious meals in age-appropriate portions which take account of children’s individual dietary requirements. All meals are cooked in a professional-sized kitchen on the premises. Nuts and pork are not on the menu.

Our provision includes breakfast, lunch and tea for all children. We are able to cater for children who have allergies. Meals for ‘Toddlers’ (2-year-olds) are included as part of their funding/fees. A small additional charge is applied to ‘Kinder’ (3- and 4-year-olds) children unless they are on ‘Free School Meals’.

We recognise the importance of a balanced diet in a child’s learning, development and general wellbeing. Parents are encouraged, on an entirely voluntary basis, to bring fruit or a healthy alternative to be shared communally as a mid-morning snack. Children are not allowed to bring drinks, sweets or crisps to school.

Our aim is to make meal times a happy, sociable occasion and to foster a positive attitude to food. No child is forced to eat. Instead, children are encouraged to try a little of each type of food, and have the confidence to try new dishes.

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