School Meals


Our aim is to make meal times a happy social occasion. We want to encourage a positive attitude towards food and the confidence to try new dishes. Children sit in their key worker groups for lunch and staff act as the model for behaviour. They are encouraged to use ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ , as appropriate for their age group. A little of each type of food is placed on the child’s plate and they are encouraged to try it . No child is forced to eat. At the end of the meal children leave the table as a group and return to their base room.

All meals are cooked on the premises and we are able to offer a wide range of cultural, well- balanced meals., which also incorporate children’s particular dietary requirements.

Milk and water is available through out the day and we ask parents to bring some fruit for the morning snack. Please do not give the children sweets or crisps to bring to nursery.

Dinner money is currently £2.40 per day for kinder children only. This can be paid weekly, monthly, half termly or termly at the office. The children are not charged for dinner if they are not here. Dinner money is only charged for the kindergarten children and only in term time, for the rest of the children it is incorporated into the fees.

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