Inclusion & SEND


Special Educational Needs

Children with special needs, whether short or long term are entitled to the same access to the curriculum as other children. This category includes children identified as gifted and able. We fully support each child’s rights to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and promote access to the curriculum through the implementation of individualised learning programmes that focus on particular areas of difficulty for the child. In this way a child with special needs may receive additional support to encourage and accelerate their development. Close collaboration with parents ensures mutual goal setting and review of progress. “No assessment of a child’s needs to be complete without the information which parents can supply and no educational programme prescribed to meet a child’s needs can be complete with their co-operation” (Warnock report 1978). We utilise expertise within the centre and guidance may be sought following parental agreement from outside agencies e.g. speech therapists, educational psychologist, physiotherapist etc.

Multi-lingual children

It is important that home language of multi-lingual learners are accorded respect and status and are seen as assets rather than hindrances to learning. Children who are allowed to use their language at home and in school seem to make better progress in the language they are acquiring. Multi-lingual children also enrich the learning experiences of the other children by providing firsthand experiences of different in use.

Ethnicity and Culture

We seek to reflect the rich cultural, religious and linguistic diversity of our community in all aspects of our work, including resources and festivals. Every area of provision needs to reflect the different cultural backgrounds and interests of the Children.

Gender Studies show typical gender differences in children’s play e.g. boys dominating bikes, construction and block area, girls in the home corner, dressing up or at sitting activities: boys active and girls passive. We monitor activities and actively encourage participation by all children, trying to break down stereotypes through discussion with children, parents and carers.

Also see our SEND Policy within our Local Offer Document.

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